This Creamy, Coconut-Corn Dish Proves Comfort Food Can Be Healthy

spicy coconut corn crack
Photo: Eva Kosmas Flores

the wicked healthy cookbook
Photo: Eva Kosmas Flores

Usually, a bowl of something warm and velvety means lots of heavy cream or cheese. But chef-brother duo Chad and Derek Sarno mastered a rich, coconut-corn that's loaded with nutrients—and won't make you feel bloated later. “This dish hits all the feels and is totally cuddle-worthy,” Derek says of the recipe from their newly  released, The Wicked Healthy Cookbook.

Drawing from the flavors of northern Thailand (and one of Derek’s favorite restaurants in Portland, Pok Pok), ginger, chiles, mint, and an intense coconut-corncob broth create this creamy bowl of heaven. “I served it to the executive board at Whole Foods Market, and it was one of their all-time favorites,” Derek says. “ It has no added oils, no added sugars, and minimal salt—and it still kicks ass.”

For a smokier flavor, grill whole ears of corn instead of using frozen corn. You can make the coconut-corn broth up to two weeks in advance to make it even easier to pull this dish together. “I called it crack because it’s addicting as heck,” Derek says. “Once I start eating this I don’t wanna stop.”

Spicy Coconut-Corn Crack

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  • Prep Time
    30 minutes
  • Cook Time
    1 hour
  • Servings


For the spicy coconut-corn crack

For the coconut corn broth


Recipe Notes

Excerpted from the book THE WICKED HEALTHY COOKBOOK by Chad Sarno, Derek Sarno, and David Joachim. Copyright © 2018 by Chad Sarno and Derek Sarno. Reprinted with permission of Grand Central Life & Style. All rights reserved.  For more recipes that will hit just the spot, check out these vegetarian comfort foods and these ideas from Instagram.

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