Doing 3 Dance Cardio Workouts in a Row Is Just Like a Night in the Club—Right?

Photo: Well+Good Creative
Sometimes, ya just wind up dancing all night in a dance club. Or, okay—at a wedding. So a dance cardio class should be a breeze. But three of them? In one day? Well, Well+Good's senior video producer Ella Dove, a self-professed fan of shaking her rump, thought she'd test it out to see just how a dance cardio-class extravaganza compares to those nights out in which you have a serious case of the twinkle toes.

In the latest episode of Well+Good's YouTube series, What the Wellness, Dove tries this very bold thing: "I'm going where many have gone before, but not quite like this," she says. "I'm going on a dance marathon. More specifically, a dance cardio marathon." So she signs up—voluntarily—to do three of these classes in a row.

It all started in Megan Roup's studio for a one-on-one sesh of private dancing and sculpting. Easy (ish). Once that was over and done with, Dove felt as though that could definitely count as her workout for the day. But alas—the early evening rolls around and she hits up another New York City studio, 305 Fitness—which brings a live DJ (and a light show!) to the dance cardio sesh. Then she hit up Banana Skirt Fitness later in the night for a more music video-esque workout involving Missy Elliot-themed choreography (and twerking). Watch how Dove impressively holds up in her dance cardio marathon—does she really?—and whether she thinks doing such a thing is weird or worth it. One thing's for sure, though—she was definitely wiped out by the end of it.

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