Tea Time Meets Cocktail Hour With This Low-Sugar Earl Grey and Tequila Tipple

Tequila Cazadores
Photo: Tequila Cazadores
Tequila and Earl Grey tea are usually dedicated to very different times of the day, but award-winning mixologist and Tequila Cazadores ambassador Manny Hinojosa is here to change that with this low-sugar cocktail that's perfect for sipping on a warm summer night. "Tea is a trending ingredient that's great for [adding] balance to a drink and in this one, it's mixed with tequila for a fun Mexican twist on iced tea," he says.

This refreshing drink looks just the sunset and Hinojosa—who has been mixing up cocktails in the States and Mexico for over 25 years—points out that the colors weren't accidental. "This tri-colored cocktail and the color of the tea on top reflects the red soils of Arandas in Jalisco, Mexico," he says, adding that all the ingredients bring their own unique flavors resulting in perfect balance. Ready to make this gorgeous drink and toast to the #99daysof summer? Keep reading for the recipe.  

Tierra Colorada

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    5 minutes
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