8 Gifts for the Person Who Got Really Good at Cooking During Quarantine

Sure, we were all baking banana bread at the beginning of quarantine, but for a lot of people, the time in the kitchen stopped there. Other people, however, kept right on at it, making creations that got even more artful, like focaccia gardens and whipped matcha.

Chances are that you know at least one person who got really, really good at cooking during quarantine. You saw their Instagram feed transform into one that rivals Candice Kumai's. They started posting food Tiktoks for the first time ever. They mentioned making a souffle during your last Facetime, for crying out loud.

So what do you give that person in your life who is one homemade ramen away from being a bonafide food blogger? This roundup of foodie holiday gifts has you covered. Whatever your budget is, you'll find something on this list they'll value long after quarantine ends—and maybe they just might bake you a little something as a thank you.

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1. Marble contact paper, $6

marble contact paper
Photo: Amazon; Art: W+G Creative

You don't have to spend a ton of money to buy a gift your favorite quarantine cook will absolutely love. This marble contact paper is genius (and a secret staging trick of cookbook author Liz Moody). It turns any surface into one that's instantly Instagrammable—without having to do a full remodel. The simple gift will show your loved one that you're super supportive of their new cooking skills beyond just double-tapping their photos.

Shop now: Marble contact paper, $6

2. Oil & vinegar set, $29.50

oil and vinegar set
Photo: West Elm; Art: W+G Creative

Anyone who's spending a lot of time cooking uses a lot of oil and vinegar; it's not even worth stashing them in the pantry and with this cute set, who would want to? Just fill the empty bottles with your own olive oil and vinegar and you're good to go.

Shop now: Oil & vinegar set, $29.50

3. Red Clay hot sauce gift set, $28

red clay hot sauce
Photo: Amazon; Art: W+G Creative

There's regular hot sauce and then there's homemade hot sauce with Georgian roots. This set of three comes with an original hot sauce, green hot sauce, and a hot honey hot sauce, the brand's all-time best sellers.

Buy it now: Red Clay hot sauce gift set, $28

4. Rachael Ray Create Delicious aluminum non-stick 13-piece cookware set, $140

macy's rachael ray cookware set
Photo: Macy's; Art: W+G Creative

Not only is this cookware set super cute, but it's also non-stick which means whoever you gift it to won't be spending precious time scrubbing them clean. The light shimmer blue is full of personality, just like your favorite cook.

Shop now: Rachael Ray Create Delicious aluminum non-stick 13-piece cookware set, $140

5. Instant Pot Air Fryer duo, $180

foodie holiday gifts instant pot duo airfryer
Photo: Amazon; Art: W+G Creative

If your quarantine cooking master chef doesn't already have an Instant Pot or an air fryer, chances are high that they're both on their wishlist. This duo is like giving two gifts. Your loved one will also appreciate that they'll be able to have both cooking tools without sacrificing a big chunk of counter space.

Shop now: Instant Pot Air Fryer duo, $180

6. Rise Up dish towel, $24

rise up dish towel
Photo: Anthropologie; Art: W+G Creative

An ode to quarantine baking (who didn't make sourdough this year), it's sure to bring a smile to your loved one's face and brighten up their whole kitchen. Who doesn't love a good bread pun?

Shop now: Rise Up dish towel, $24

7. The Well+Good Cookbook, $21

foodie holiday gifts Well+Good Cookbook
Art: W+G Creative

Oh, you didn't know that your favorite website had a cookbook? Yep, we do and it features 100 recipes from wellness superstars including Venus Williams, Lo Bosworth, Lea Michele, and Elle Macpherson—to name just a few. It's the perfect gift for every level of home cook (if we do say so ourselves).

Shop now: The Well+Good Cookbook$21

8. Avocado apron, $7

foodie holiday gifts avocado apron
Photo: Amazon; Art: W+G Creative

Is there a cuter way to save your clothes from inevitable cooking spills and splatters? I think not. Gift this to that person on your list who makes hands-down the best guac or avocado toast.

Shop now: Avocado apron, $7

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