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When your home feels near to bursting with pent-up energy—yours, your partner’s, your dog’s—and piled-up reminders of a to-do list left unchecked, it’s not a Marie Kondo sesh you need (although one wouldn’t hurt). A few well-placed crystals could help restore peace and order to your chaotic space.

According to reiki expert Kelsey Patel, citrine should be your new best friend. “When your space is scattered or cluttered, I would say you need some citrine or quartz on the kitchen counter to help cleanse the energy as soon as you walk into the home,” she says.

 “Citrine or quartz on the kitchen counter [will] help cleanse the energy as soon as you walk into the home.”

In the latest episode of our video series “Good Vibes,” we share more pro tips from Patel—including the perfect stone for sweet dreams and one crystal you should stash under your bed. She even reveals the best way to pick out new additions to your shiny collection. (Hint: You don’t need to be a woo-woo expert before you schedule a trip to the crystal shop.)

Watch the video above for inside intel on doing some energetic housecleaning using crystals.

Before you start sprinkling citrine throughout your home, learn how to properly prep your crystals. And here’s the best stone for your horoscope.