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Jennifer Aniston's self-care Sunday routine Pin It
Photo: Wikipedia Commons

Throughout the week, Jennifer Aniston gets sweaty from her go-to 20-minute elliptical workout, sips on a nutrient-packed smoothie (her favorite recipe includes maca power and cacao!), and maybe even visits an infrared heat sauna for the ultimate detox. But once Sunday rolls around, she has an especially relaxing—and carb-loaded—tradition.

“Sunday is usually a night of pasta or something homemade, where family gets together and we cook. It’s really fun.”

After starting her day with 20 minutes of meditation then an hour of yoga—“I try to do the morning rituals every day, so I go into the day prepared with my armor, if you will,” she told Self—she goes into full-on self-care mode. Since she spends most of the week navigating a jam-packed schedule, she stays balanced by keeping her Sundays sacred—not scary.

She sets the vibe for relaxation by first turning on the Pandora spa station, and then the fun begins: Aniston puts on a face mask and gives herself an exfoliating scrub, taking full advantage of her downtime away from all the noise of life.

That’s not all, though—her day actually gets even more delicious, because #carbs. After her at-home spa treatment, it’s time to literally break bread with her family. “Sunday is usually a night of pasta or something homemade, where family gets together and we cook. It’s really fun,” she said.

Spa and spaghetti? That’s one surefire routine for keeping your Sundays particularly un-scary.

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