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Even if you contend that your pad is definitely more serenecozy, and generally hygge-ified than your BFF’s, it’s not a competition! But, that didn’t stop natural home fragrance company The Bird Box from naming the world’s most hygge countries, based on a number of factors—and the results may surprise (or rather, disappoint) you.

New Zealand won the title of most hygge country in the world, and Denmark—where the actual word and tradition originates—ranked at number five.

Based on the Happiness Research Institute’s World Happiness Report for 2017, chocolate consumption per capita, the average amount of time people spend watching TV per capita, and other relevant indexes, New Zealand won the title of most hygge country in the world. It’s surprising, considering Denmark, where the actual word and tradition originates, ranked at number five. Norway, Germany, and Canada rounded out the top five.

Sorry, Americans: Even if your hygge spread includes a handful of throws, more oversize mugs than you can count, and soft materials of every kind, the United States missed the top 10, landing as the 12th most hygge country in the world.

But why? The average American spent 300 minutes watching TV every day (that’s five hours of Netflix bingeing) but only bought $56 worth of chocolate a year. And, we’re not that happy, only coming in at number 14 for that indicator. We also ranked 59th for safety and security on the Legatum Institute’s Prosperity Index.

But to put a positive spin on 12th place, think of this as inspiration: Continue the hygge-ification of your office, bedroom, and living room—all in the spirt of it being a national service.

Really dedicated to your hygge and happiness? These are the 10 happiest states in America and the best cities for reproductive rights and health.

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