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Introducing the avolatte: The Instagram “joke” that became real

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Which is a more alluring, drool-worthy sight to you: a latte that’s practically artsy enough to get its own room at The Met, or avocado toast, the colorful and creamy combo that’s inspired a thousand recipes?

Or, better yet: What if you didn’t have to choose? You’ve already heard of avo-coffee smoothies (which, let’s face it, make mornings amazing), but now an Australian cafe has taken things a step further with…the avolatte.


“It was actually just a joke. We weren’t actually selling them, but then someone came in today and wanted one.”

It’s exactly what it sounds like—a latte served out of an avocado shell—and it first popped up when the Truman Cafe in Melbourne posted a video of it on Instagram. “It was actually just a joke,” barista Jaydin Nathan told “We weren’t actually selling them, but then someone came in today and wanted one.”

Combing two of Melbourne's obsessions – lattes and avo 😂

A post shared by Truman Cafe (@trumancafealbertpark) on

As for whether Nathan thinks the trend will catch on? “I think it’s ridiculous,” he says. “It’s literally coffee in a piece of rubbish.”

Meanwhile, the avolatte is raising eyebrows across the internet. Let’s just say people (at least those who edit dictionaries) are seriously skeptical about this mash-up.

But now, thanks to the world losing its collective mind over the combination (though some of the reactions are of the “seriously?” variety), Truman Cafe just may keep serving up this healthy fats-plus-caffeine creation.

Will this be the new cronut or sushiritto? Well, it’s TBD whether the skin is firm enough to hold its own when filled with piping-hot liquid, and there’s no word yet on whether the shell is easy to drink out of. But if you’re, say, snuggling up every night with an avo-adorned comforter or dining at restaurants dedicated to the gorgeous green fruit, you’re going to want to check this out—or demand one from your local barista—in the name of research. (Your move, Starbucks.)

Speaking of the ubiquitous coffee chain, have you tried its take on unicorn trend? We have. And, just in time for summer, FYI the iced coffee is getting a lot stronger

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