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Dairy-free ice cream to bring to Friendsgiving Pin It
Photo: Stocksy/Tatjana Ristanic

Friendsgiving is one of those rare win-wins in life: If you’re hosting, you can expect some covetable gifts, and if you’re a guest, you get to enjoy a Thanksgiving-like experience without the side dish of family tension.

But, what’s the most crowd-pleasing treat to bring along to the annual pre-Thanksgiving gathering? It’s kind of an overwhelming conundrum, given the vast number of options and the dietary restrictions of your friends that you need to consider.

Thanks to dairy-free ice cream, you can stop searching grocery stores high and low. Seriously, everyone loves a good vanilla bean, which pairs well with other popular holiday desserts (hello, vegan pumpkin pie). Plus, this year, your vegan ice cream options are better than ever: Halo Top now has seven dairy-free flavors while Jeni’s just unveiled its first ever.

Pick one of the pints below for your Friendsgiving gathering.

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The pints will pair well with this gluten-free crumble or Elle Macpherson’s protein packed dessert