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Photo: Compartes

Having a culinary love affair with avocados means you’ve probably already figured out how to work the healthy fat into your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But if that’s where things stop, get ready to take your relationship to the next level—because avocado chocolate is now a thing. (*Swoon*.)

To create the first-ever confection of this kind, Compartes chocolatier teamed up with the California Avocado Commission—and it’s kind of crazy that it’s taken this long for two of the most delicious foods on earth to come together. This is 2017! People have figured out how to make vegan milk out of nuts and mayonnaise out of chickpeas. It’s about time someone coated avocados in dark, antioxidant-rich chocolate.

The dessert bar will be available starting tomorrow online and at Compartes’ Los Angeles boutique. And if you’re wondering how good they are at picking the best avocados, the chocolatier says that all of the fruits the it uses—for all its bars—are sourced locally from farmers’ markets to ensure they’re fresh, organic, and sustainable. (Fun fact: Los Angelenos alone eat up over 300 million avocados a year.)

Plus, with all the benefits that can come from a regular diet of healthy fats—such as longer life, radiant skin, and better brain function—it makes for a pretty, er, sweet evening ritual.

If you’re looking for more ways to eat your favorite fruit, try these 7 avocado recipes of this avo-coffee smoothie.