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Photo: Instagram/@kateupton

Celebs sometimes do some pretty out-there things in the name of wellness. Put turmeric ice cubes on their faces to deal with puffy skin? Check (Kate Bosworth and Sienna Miller are into it). Take a basil bath? Madonna‘s got that covered.

But, err, this might be the most out-there practice yet: Apparently supermodel Kate Upton takes wheatgrass shots…in her eyeballs.

“I’ve done so much weird stuff,” she admits. “I’d say probably the weirdest thing is put a shot of wheatgrass in my eyes. It really works though.”

The model—who also swears by colonics—says it wasn’t as strange as it sounds. “I wear contacts, and the wheatgrass really works,” says Upton. “It basically hydrates your eyeballs. It’s like flushing out your eye.”

She even has her own eye cup so she can do the shot at home (casual). “You just fill it halfway, put your eye in it, and kind of push your head back,” says Upton. “It feels great.”

Just to be clear—despite her enthusiasm for the treatment, don’t try this one at home without talking to your optometrist first. In terms of drinking it the old-fashioned way though, bottoms up.

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