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Moon Juice just released a new line of ketogenic adaptogenic dusts

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Photo: Instagram/@moonjuiceshop

Sometimes, making your morning smoothie can make you feel a bit like a witch doctor. You have all your potions lined up (ashwagandha, reishi, spirulina, collagen, protein), and you mix in a teaspoon of this and a dash of that with your fruit and greens. But, adaptogenic powder brand Moon Juice just launched a new line that’ll make your healthy habits much easier—and less expensive.

The company—known for its cult-favorite “dusts” (Brain, Beauty, Sex, Spirit, and Dream)—just released an adaptogenic protein blends line, so now you can get all your go-tos all in one scoop, and save your cabinet from doubling as a straight-up apothecary.

There are three different blends to choose from: Vanilla Mushroom (for energy, focus, and recovery), Deep Chocolate (for energy, stamina, and drive), and Blue Beauty (for energy and collagen-boosting). Oh, and get this: They’re ketogenic-diet-approved. (*Praise hands.*) The blends work—and taste—just as well in smoothies, coffee, or latte-form, blended with alt-milk.

Though the jar of the goodness skews pricey ($50), you’ll likely save money in the long run when you don’t need a half-dozen different ingredients to pump your wellness beverage full of benefit-laden boosters. Plus, the ease of only needing to use one powder in lieu of blending a a whole cocktail of ’em will make sticking to that New Year’s resolution oh-so simple.

Speaking of New Year’s, consider this your handbook to living your best life. And while we’re talking protein, here’s exactly how much you need—and how to get it.