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Photo: Moon Juice

Since launching in 2012, Moon Juice has become one of the leaders of SoCal’s high-vibe holistic wellness scene—but now, its signature sips are no longer an only-in-Los Angeles phenomenon.

As of May 2, a selection of the cosmically inspired brand’s organic juices and nut milks have become available for nationwide shipping, joining the array of snacks, pantry items, health-enhancing dusts, and tonics that launched online just over a year ago. And trust us: They’re worth the wait.

There are 10 options available on the Moon Juice e-commerce site to start with, including traditional combos of greens, fruits, and roots, plus flavors infused with more unexpected superfoods—like the Beauty Nectar juice ($9) made from grapefruit, aloe, schisandra berry, and pearl, and the Deep Chocolate almond milk ($9) that’s spiked with maca, cinnamon, and pink salt.

Photo: Moon Juice
Photo: Moon Juice

“We chose these specific flavor profiles to offer a sampling of our most popular juices and Moon Milks,” says founder Amanda Chantal Bacon. “Initially we’ll start with eight-pack samplers, with our signature cleanses to follow in the near future.”

Although the juices and milks shipped nationally will be preserved with high-pressure processing—a somewhat controversial method of extending shelf life that’s federally mandated when selling juices outside of a brand’s own shops—they’ll still be cold-pressed in small batches, and thus the nationwide supply will be limited.

In other words, place your order now—but don’t stress too much, because there will soon be even more Moon Juice in the New York City and LA wellness orbit. “We plan to [open] our East Coast flagship in NYC in early 2017,” Bacon tells Well+Good. (The exact location isn’t 100 percent confirmed yet.) “Until then, we have aligned with key retailers in the city who are carrying a selection of juices, Moon Milks, Cosmic Provisions, Moon Dusts, and Moon Pantry [items], including Foragers Market, ABC Home, Nordstrom, and Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee.” Yes, Nordstrom…who knew?

And in LA, a new Moon Juice destination will be coming to Melrose Place by July, joining existing locations in Venice, Silver Lake, and DTLA. We’re told the new arrival is going to be out of this world in terms of design and wellness offerings—stellar!

Before you stock up on Moon Juice’s signature Goodness Greens juice, try it out at home—Amanda Chantal Bacon gave us the recipe. And because she’s got some of the glowiest skin we’ve ever seen, we had her tell us her top natural beauty picks, too.