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Photo: Stocksy/Paff

If you’re still in pure bliss about Whole Foods lowering its prices on staples like avocados and kale (yes, dreams really do come true!), you might want to sit down for this news: Target just announced it’s following in the major grocer’s footsteps.

Buying your favorite items on a Target run can get a little pricey, but according to an announcement from corporate, you can soon have your less-expensive groceries and eat ’em, too.

The company’s new mission is providing its guests with great deals 24/7 on products that span your grocery list, razors, toilet paper, and beyond.

In the press release, Target claimed it understands how frustrating it can be to wait to buy an item until it’s on sale. That’s why the company’s new mission is providing its guests with great deals 24/7 on products that span your grocery list, razors, toilet paper, and beyond—which is all great news for your self-care routine.

As for the change, there’s no word on exactly when the prices will start to drop—but, just like winter, it’s coming.

These five home-decor items from Target will give your space a major boost of energy. Speaking of home goods, here’s a sneak peek of the company’s new Oh Joy! collection.