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Photo: Instagram/@gabunion

Ever wonder how actress (of Being Mary Jane fame) Gabrielle Union has managed to look the same since her Bring It On days? I mean, the woman seriously emits an ageless radiance that seemingly never fades.

According to an interview with Women’s Health, she credits it all to getting enough sleep. (Makes sense seeing as sufficient zzz’s ensure your skin has enough time to repair itself.) It’s called beauty sleep for a reason, after all.

And Union doesn’t turn to melatonin or shut her phone off at 9 p.m. to clock a full-night’s sleep either—it’s all about using this one magic word.

“My best anti-aging tip is the ability to say no, no, and hell no.”

“My best anti-aging tip is the ability to say ‘no, no, and hell no,'” says Union. “We run ourselves ragged saying ‘yes’ to every freaking thing, whether it’s to our family, spouses, or careers. I sleep eight hours a day and don’t let myself stress out. A lot of people call it selfish, but I don’t have any wrinkles.”

Sounds like another win for the staying-in trend—might be time to (kindly) turn down those party plans, turn in, and reap the (skin-boosting) rewards.

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