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Louis Vuitton Runway Pin It
Photo: Instagram/@louisvuitton

Even though PSL season is in full swing, the fashion set is already looking toward warmer weather with Spring/Summer 2018 Fashion Month just wrapping. So while yes, you can still enjoy that latte (healthily so, for that matter) and the autumn weather, it’s time to take notes for your spring shopping list.

After seeing what’s trending on runways worldwide, it’s clear that athleisure is maintaining its stronghold in the high-design world. Case in point: Comfy AF tracksuits are everywhere, and retro bike shorts have also recently wiggled their way back in vogue. But perhaps the coolest display of athleisure during Fashion Month was at the Louis Vuitton show in Paris.

Nearly every look he sent down the runway—including glittering party dresses, silk blouses, and metallic shorts—was paired with sneakers.

Held at the famous Louvre Museum, creative director Nicholas Ghesquière blurred the lines between activewear, athleisure, and ready-to-wear in one clean collection. The designer described the inspiration for the line as “18th-century French aristocratic garments,” according to the show notes, Fashionista reported.

Nearly every look—including glittering party dresses, silk blouses, and metallic shorts—was paired with super-chunky sneakers. The juxtaposition was not only awesomely artistic, but also further cemented the idea that athleisure—and more importantly, the comfort of chic kicks—is here to stay.

It’s not like you weren’t wearing sneakers everywhere anyway, though. Now you just have that luxe, Vuitton-approved excuse on your side.

Try pairing your high-style sneakers with a pair of designer socks and earth-toned leggings.