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Photo: Lululemon

No matter how much of your monthly budget you’ve allocated to activewear, it can still feel like a hefty investment to spend $100-plus on a fitness-specific item. But when it does double duty? That’s just a no-brainer.

Lululemon‘s new two-in-one bomber jacket is one part office-appropriate, one part-shiny statement jacket, and all parts stylish—and just in time for the notoriously hard-to-dress-for in-between season.

The Non-Stop Bomber features one side that’s topped with a water-repellent matte finish—perfect for the more refined looks, from trousers to midi skirts—while the flip side has a lightweight, shiny coating—perfect for frayed jeans and printed leggings while you sprint to weekend yoga (or brunch).

At $128, it may seem like a steep purchase, but considering all the wear you’ll get out of it—not to mention that two jackets for $128 is really only $64 each—there’s no way you can talk yourself out of this one.

Scroll down to see the bomber, available online, in all it’s reversible glory.

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Photo: Lululemon
Photo: Lululemon

Lululemon Non-Stop Bomber, $128

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