Marie Kondo and Cuyana designed a chic travel accessory collection to bring you joy

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Marie Kondo did the seemingly impossible: She took an extremely boring task and turned it into a joyous activity. The home guru’s KonMari Method outlines a wellness-centric order of operations for decluttering and organizing your space. (Hint: It can serve as a welcome alternative to simply giving up and setting your earthly possessions on fire.)

Now Kondo is sharing how she joyously approaches the art (or in my case, trauma) of packing. The organizational soothsayer has teamed with leather goods brand Cuyana to create three colorful sets of leather jewelry pouches, with each collection of products named after one of the three emotions of her KonMari Method: “fun” (salmon, deep red, ecru), “love” (navy, deep red, ecru), and “joy” (salmon, mustard, burgundy). Each set includes two rectangular cases of different sizes and a circular one. Although the “fun” set is currently sold out, you can (for now) nab the other two, which fit perfectly inside Cuyana’s signature $115 leather jewelry case, for $180.

According to Domino, this is the first collaboration of its kind for the soon-to-be Netflix star. All I hope is that the future involves Marie Kondo’s mindful take on carry-on suitcases.

Spark your own joy with the collection below.

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