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There’s a reason why everyone from Kristin Cavallari to Miranda Kerr swear by essential oils: They’re the most versatile tools in your wellness box. (Just ask Justin Bieber, who listed them as a necessity in his tour rider.) Stressed? Sick? Sex-starved? Yup, there’s an all-natural, aromatic option for that.

And since they’re practically the avocado to the wellness world’s toast (read: necessary and appropriate any time of day), they deserve a beautiful home—which is where these super-chic diffusers come into play.

Not only will they turn any space into a sweet-smelling Zen den (even your fluorescent-lit cubicle), but they serve double duty as decor eye candy. And that’s something not even the cutest macrame wall art can claim.

Here are 9 striking diffusers that combine form and function.


Now that you’re set with a stylish diffuser, put it to use with these 10 must-have essential oils—or pick up the one fragrance most in line with your astrological sign.