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Photo: Stocksy/Cinemalist

Ah, finally, there’s a highbrow rationalization for buying yet another pair of leggings despite your designated drawer being too full to close (because, let’s be real, “The sale was too good” just doesn’t pack the same punch anymore): Your favorite clothing item is getting the star treatment as part of a museum exhibition highlighting iconic clothing items over the years.

At the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, Items: Is Fashion Modern?—which runs until January 28, 2018—takes a closer look into the past, present, and future of the clothing and accessories that have impacted the world throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. Aside from predictable staples—think the original Levi’s, the classic white tee, and the little black dress—it’s pretty interesting just how many wardrobe staples have remained must-haves years later. Yoga pants, included.

“Our Boogie Pant is the pant that started it all, created as a technical, functional alternative to the cotton sweats many yogis were practicing in.” —Lululemon EVP and creative director Lee Holman

Today, it’s tough to even imagine a leggings-free world—I mean, what even are real pants, anyway? So, out of respect, the next time you’re organizing your collection, whisper a quick “thank you” to Lululemon: After its 1998 founding in Vancouver, British Columbia, the company’s Boogie yoga pants—which began as a basic blank pant with a flared silhouette—kick-started a super-comfortable craze. And because of the resulting cult-following, they’re featured in the exhibition.

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Photo: Alexia Brue

“We’re incredibly honored for the Boogie Pant to be included alongside profoundly influential brands as part of the Museum of Modern Art’s exhibit, a recognition that reflects our work as an originator brand that defines an active, mindful lifestyle,” says Lee Holman, EVP, creative director, Lululemon. “Our Boogie Pant is the pant that started it all, created as a technical, functional alternative to the cotton sweats many yogis were practicing in.”

Yoga pants have most definitely changed the wardrobe game when it comes to exercise and beyond (work, travel, you name it), so it’s only natural that they’re able to shine in all their glory in one of the world’s most famous museums. Now, BRB—shopping for a couple more pairs.

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