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FLYWHEEL 7Damn girl, have you had work done?

That’s what all the other studios would say to Flywheel Flatiron if, you know, fitness studios could talk.

The national indoor cycling brand’s original location (the one that started it all!) just got a long-awaited makeover complete with—wait for it—a brand new women’s locker room with four showers, two bathrooms, and an area to primp. It’s a big deal for Fly, since regulars often complained about the lack of adequate post-class personal clean-up space at the studio, even while becoming pretty adept at wielding a container of dry shampoo.

The upgrade was part of a larger plan to bring the bright, modern look and feel of Flywheel’s newer locations like Chelsea and Lincoln Center to the first generation studios. Flywheel Upper East Side was recently made over, too (so everyone has a new spring look).

Other updates include new (and more abundant) lockers, a new sound system, two extra bikes in the spin studio, a renovated FlyBarre studio with new flooring (pictured above), and a men’s locker room with three showers coming Memorial Day.

Plus, while the design is not a drastic change, everything just looks nice and shiny, with brand new furniture, a fresh coat of paint, and new mirrors throughout. Just try not to get sweat everywhere, okay? —Jamie McKillop

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(Photo: Flywheel)