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Photo: Instagram/@karliekloss

There was no resting for Karlie Kloss the night before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Instead, she flew trainer Dara Hart of New York City’s The DogPound (a model fave!) clear around the globe for the ultimate pre-runway sweat sesh.

“We’re getting one last killer workout in before the big day—before we hit that runway—and Dara is kicking my butt so much that I’m literally sweating my makeup off,” Kloss said in her YouTube video. “You don’t even need any equipment—you can use your own body weight.”

“We’re getting one last killer workout in before the big day—before we hit that runway—and Dara is kicking my butt so much that I’m literally sweating my makeup off.” —Karlie Kloss

The workout that got Kloss’ heart rate up was part lower body, part abs, and part booty—and she’s sharing every single move. If you want to work out like a Victoria’s Secret model for free (don’t we all?), try out Hart’s toning exercises. You’ll be feeling runway-ready in no time.

Scroll down for Kloss’ complete pre-show workout.

Get Started

1. Lower body focus (3-5 rounds)

1. Sumo squat: 20 reps wide stance, toes turned out, squeeze at top

2. Band walks: 30-second knees over ankles, wide feet, hinge from hip

3. Split squats: Keep weight forward through front foot, drive through heel (12 reps, 20 pulses)

4. Plank spider cross-overs: Hands under chest, keep body weight forward. Extend the leg fully behind to straight leg to activate glute (10 each side)

5. Walking lunge and pass-through: Keep spine long and core tight as you pass the weight through each leg (1 minute)


2. Ab circuit (3-5 rounds)

1. Slider mountain climber: Weight is forward, light on the toes, heels lifted (40 each side)

2. Modified v-up: Lift shoulders off the floor, keep legs straight (1 min alternating)

3. Side plank twist: Make sure elbow is aligned with armpit, keep hips still with legs activated, twist through (10 each side)


3. Booty kick mega mix (1 round)

1. Donkey kicks: Flexed foot, knee bent, squeeze at top (12 reps, 20 pulses)

2. Triangles/corners: Set up on elbows, move leg up and over like a triangle, squeeze at the top (12 reps, 20 pulses)

3. Fire hydrants: Knee bent, open out to side, keep shoulders and hips square (12 reps, 20 pulses)

Notes from Karlie: “Make sure your hips are square and your core is tight the whole time. I’m using ankle weights, but it’s tough without, too!”

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