Would you take a “Pilates with Puppies” class?

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What’s one thing that would make you stick to your fitness-related New Year’s resolutions this year? If you happened to say “adorable doggies,” you’re in luck: “Pilates with Puppies” is the latest (and potentially greatest—no offense, bunnies!) workout class option that features animals in guest-starring roles.

At Cisco Pilates—a boutique fitness studio in Asheville, North Carolina, spotted by PureWow—you can now do your Pilates 100 with little fluffy friends by your side, serving a heavy dose of cute inspiration to help you fight through the burn. Proceeds from the $11 class go to the Asheville Humane Society—and, better yet, if you fall in love with one of the pups during class, you can bring it home without having to pay an adoption fee.

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Both of the scheduled Pilates with Puppies classes in January are sold out, but don’t worry—there will be plenty of other opportunities to make a new four-legged friend in the New Year. Just keep your eyes on the sign-up page of the website, because these coveted spots understandably fill up fast.

Research shows cats and dogs aren’t equally brainy. Also, here’s what you shouldn’t feed your dog over the holidays.

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