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Between travel and party plans, it can be hard to fit in regular sweat sessions during the holiday season, which is why we’ve tapped buzzy celeb trainer Tracy Anderson to create three workouts that are not only fast and effective, but able to be done anywhere—in case the only “gym” space you can find this week is the floor of your parents’ living room.

By now, the tryptophanic haze of your Thanksgiving holiday is likely starting to wear off. (See you next year paleo pumpkin pie, sigh.) And if you’re looking for fitness tips on transitioning back to business as usual, Tracy Anderson’s ready with an assist. What you need is a total-body reboot—kind of like when you restart your computer in order to give your system a reset—says the trainer who’s about to embark on a four-week Vitality Tour, bringing her fitness method to the sweaty masses in New York City, Miami, Aspen, and San Diego starting next month.

“Part of the challenge of these movements is the muscular control.”

The good news is that you can recharge with only a few exercises (three to be exact), a mat, and some brain power. “With these movements, you’re going to have to think, you’re going to have to balance,” says the trainer whose #fitfam includes celebs like Lena Dunham, Jennifer Aniston, and Nicole Richie. “Part of the challenge of these movements is the muscular control.” But the precision work will pay off in the form of caloric burn and head-to-toe toning thanks to the planks, leg lifts, and tricep presses it involves. Watch the exclusive video above for step-by-step instruction from Anderson herself.

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