Sip Your Vitamin C Sans Oranges With This Modern Twist on a Classic Southern Tippler

mint julep recipe
Total Time

5 minutes

Standing in front of the air conditioner in a wet T-shirt and ice-cubes in your bra isn't the only way to cool down during the peak of summer. Southern belles have a classier way to do it: sipping an icy mint julep. (Slightly more enjoyable sounding, right?)

If the only time you're serving up this classic cocktail is while watching the Kentucky Derby once a year, you're missing out: the mint and ice-packed glass gives a refreshing tingle that instantly cools, while the rye relaxes the body in a way that lazy summer afternoons just beg for.

Pamela Wiznitzer, one of America’s Top Female Mixologists likes to incorporate a sweet add-in to her perfectly balanced recipe: hibiscus. "It's an awesome source of vitamin C, which almost takes this cocktail into healthy elixir territory," says Well+Good video producer Ella Dove, who tested out Wiznitzer's creation on camera.

 The recipe calls for just three ingredients, so drink prep is a breeze. There are a few different ways to get the star hibiscus syrup just right. “If you can't track down full hibiscus flowers for your tea, you can make the simple syrup using a couple of hibiscus tea bags, water, and coconut sugar or your choice of all-natural sweetener,” says Dove.  

Want to see how it's done? Keep reading for the recipe and a step-by-step video.

Hibiscus mint julep

Sip this sweet mint julep infused with hibiscus for a healthy-ish sweet kick. Pairs perfectly with a rocking chair and good company.


Recipe Notes

You're probably going to enjoy this summer drink outside, so take caution and arm yourself with this quick tip for banishing mosquitos. And while you sip, nosh on these yummy quesadillas

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