Add Protein the Meat-Free Way With This Falafel Waffle

There's no frying required, instantly making it even healthier.
Falafels are a powerhouse protein source—especially for vegans and vegetarians. But depending on how they're made, the deep-fried chickpea balls can be loaded with calories. One solution? This “falafel waffle” from Bowl & Blade in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Instead of being deep-fried, the chickpea mixture is pressed in a waffle iron to create a “falafel waffle” that’s lighter than traditional falafel but still packed with protein. “I used to cook with a guy from Israel, and he taught me how to make falafel one day,” says executive chef and co-owner, Adin Langille. “It got me thinking about how I’d love to incorporate falafel as a protein option in my restaurant, but I wanted it to be healthy and not fried.” On top of being vegan, his version is also gluten-free.

Pro tip: Don’t press the waffle iron all the way down, says Langille. And be sure to spray a good amount of cooking spray on the iron. Ready to try it for yourself? Scroll down for the recipe!

Bowl & Blade, 169 5th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11217, 718.783.7700,

East Medi Bowl with Falafel Waffle

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  • Prep Time
    20 minutes
  • Cook Time
    6 minutes
  • Servings


For the falafel waffle

For the tahini dressing


Recipe Notes

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