This Is What It’s Like to Get Ready With “Queer Eye” Star Jonathan Van Ness

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As a certified grooming expert, one must wonder what Jonathan Van Ness' getting-ready routine looks like (and, TBH, ever since I binge-watched the entire season of Netflix’s Queer Eye in a single Sunday afternoon, I’ve had a recurring dream about getting ready with him and learning all of his secrets).

Here’s how I imagine it goes: We sit in his chic New York City apartment, cheers with a glass of wine, and geek out over beauty products while the song from the Queer Eye opening credits blares in the background. He braids my hair, says, "Yas henny" approximately a thousand times while we take fabulous selfies together, and then I wake up.

The point is: Getting ready with Jonathan Van Ness would quite literally be a dream come true.

While sadly I have yet to be invited to hang out at JVN’s home (Jonathan, if you’re still reading this, FYI I’d really like to come over and raid your hair and skin products), I did get the chance to chat with him on the phone and find out what it'd really be like to get ready with the famous groomer. As it it turns out, my dreams are not too far from reality because he recently shared his getting-ready routine with me. And spoiler alert: It involves a little Demi Lovato and a whole lot of sparkling rosé.

Read on as Jonathan Van Ness breaks down how to keep getting ready from feeling like a chore.

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Photo: Instagram/@jvn

Establish your go-to routine

JVN’s skin and hair seem to have a perpetual glow. But how does he do it? "I don't wash my hair everyday so my hair is usually already done from the day before, I just have to restyle it,” he tells me of his signature flowing locks. "As far as my face goes, I do a nice facial serum, a moisturizer, and sunscreen, mix my little eye cream in there, and swipe on Chapstick. If I'm doing something more formal, I might put some mascara on the tips of my lashes, or do a little bit more color correcting under my eyes.” Feel free to copy the entire routine and turn it into your own (I know I will be).

Set the mood you want to create with music

Setting the mood is part of the fun, and for JVN that means pumping the jams. “In the morning I like to be more relaxed,  so I’ll do more of like SZA, Solange, Her—not super slow, but it's not like revving up either," he says. And at night time, he turns it up (just a little bit). "If I’m getting ready for an event, I'll turn up some Dua Lipa or some Nicky Minaj or some Demi Lovato, or something more [upbeat]." In other words: Think of the vibe you're trying to create and fully commit with your playlist.

Imbibe with a self-made cocktail

Getting ready is serious business (especially when your title is “grooming expert"), but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little rosé-infused fun with it. "I love anything with bubbles, so I love a Frosé moment—I live for a Frosé slushie,” JVN, who's currently partnered with Strongbow, tells me of his favorite pre-going out cocktail. “It's like a little rosé apple cider sparkly moment. Put some Strongbow Rosé Apple Hard Cider in your Nutribullet with just ice, and just make a gorgeous Frosé slushie.” He’s also a fan of spiking the cocktail with tequila (Yolo).

Find what you need by staying organized

Though your beauty cabinet may not be as stocked as Van Ness’s (though, goals), it’s still useful to keep it tidy. "I love to use Muji. That is all I use. It's all I use," he says, fully fanning over what he calls the "Japanese Container Store." He likes to keep his cabinet organized by placing items in containers without caps on them, so that he can see what they are and quickly grab what he needs. Because he doesn't have many cabinets in his bathroom (same), he keeps his beauty essentials—which are listed for you below—on the counter so he can grab 'em easily (and, if the mood strikes, take a chic #shelfie).

Take your feelings into consideration

As Van Ness proves time and time again both on the show and in his Instagram stories, the process of getting glammed up should be an enjoyable one. It is, after all, a form of self care. He suggests staying in tune with how you feel for the best and most beautiful results. “Don’t fight your mood,” he cites as his number one way to keep things upbeat. “I feel like if you're spending the night giving yourself a blowout, and you don't feel comfortable with the blowout or you're hating it, it's gonna ruin your night. It's about listening to what you want and what you need, and your glam.” But if you are feeling a next-level look, JVN says, “Go for it. Go ham.”

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