The Low-Sugar Twist on Sangria You Have to Try

It only takes five minutes to whip up a pitcher of this party-ready drink.
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5 minutes

In case you need another reason to sip rosé, you can add it to this watermelon peach sangria that also stars your other summertime fave—sparkling water. (Okay fine—it's definitely a year-round fave.) Fresh watermelon, kiwi, and blueberries join forces with rosé and Kiwi Watermelon La Croix to create a refreshing, low-sugar twist on classic sangria. (Or, get experimental and try your own fave flavored sparkling water.)

The secret to keeping the sugar in check? Choosing a sparkling water with no added sugar, like the one used here. (So yes, a little label reading is required.) “I love this drink because it’s super easy to throw together yet festive enough to serve at a party,” says recipe developer and Well+Good video producer Ella Dove.

Her advice: Add the fruit just before serving so the colors stay bright and pretty. If it sits too too long, the kiwi will lose its vibrancy. Ready to give it a try? Scroll down for the recipe and watch a 40-second video to see how it's done.

Watermelon kiwi sangria

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