Is It *Actually* Possible To Become a Morning Person if You Aren’t One?

Testing the latest and greatest that wellness has to offer is just another day on the job for Zoë Weiner, Well+Good beauty and fitness editor. In our latest YouTube show Zoë Tries It All, we’re taking you along for the ride to see her firsthand experience with the buzziest things wellness has to offer, so you can have nice things without having to try it all yourself.

It's Tuesday morning. Your alarm goes off at 8:30, and after hitting snooze (a few times) you shuffle to the kitchen with just enough time to pour yourself a cup of coffee, splash some water on your face, and cross your fingers that no one notices you're still in your pajamas before signing onto your first Zoom meeting of the day. Sound familiar?

If WFH life has left you with little to no motivation to maintain a morning routine (or if you just aren't the biggest fan of mornings in general), Well+Good beauty and fitness editor Zoë Weiner is right there with you. That's why in the latest episode of Zoë Tries It All, she made it her mission to figure out how to become a morning person once and for all—so she could reap all the reported productivity benefits of being an early riser.

Since successfully and regularly waking up earlier isn't just about setting your alarm and popping out of bed (as any snooze-button devotee can attest), Weiner called in two forms of backup: some super-savvy health and wellness tech from Fitbit, and expert intel from a sleep specialist.

First, she chatted with Shelby Harris, PsyD, a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in behavioral sleep medicine. The two covered how to hack her circadian rhythm by designing a daily routine geared toward helping her wake up earlier (in a way that would be more sustainable than the 4:30 a.m. wakeup calls she's tried in the past). Then, she turned to her Fitbit Sense to help her put that advice into practice.

From its Smart Wake alarm that slowly woke her up during the optimal stage of sleep (to help her feel less groggy in the mornings) to the guided meditations she could access straight from her watch, Fitbit Sense was her all-day, circadian-rhythm-supporting sidekick.

Weiner tested her new circadian rhythm optimizations for a month to see if they would help her morning-person habits stick. We don't want to give away the end of the video, but we will say we've noticed she hasn't been showing up to meetings in her pajamas anymore.

Watch the video to hear all Dr. Harris' tips for becoming a morning person, and scroll down to snag Fitbit Sense for yourself.

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