This at-Home Spin Bike Is One of Oprah’s Favorite Things

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Oprah Winfrey's list of Favorite Things for 2019 has arrived, meaning it's now socially acceptable to commence holiday shopping. Only this year, you're going to have to buy a whole lot more wrapping paper because one of the her top finds is a spin bike. And it's not Peloton.

Featured in the December issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, Winfrey's list has everything from eco-friendly reusable coffee cups to cozy matching holiday pajamas. Something that really caught her eye, though, is the Flywheel Home Bike ($1,600) with the optional built-in tablet.

Winfrey says she can't handle airplane small talk and prefers to keep chatting with strangers to a minimum, so I can see why she'd prefer to spin at home. At-home fitness innovations like The Mirror, Hydrow, and Tonal have changed the way we all work out.

If you've been debating getting into spinning at home, Winfrey's list might be the push you need. Once something is Oprah-approved, how can you not click "add to cart"?

No bike? No problem. There's no equipment required for this workout:

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