Give Your Cocktail a Golden Touch With This Pineapple Turmeric Mezcal Recipe

pineapple cocktail
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Turmeric is the crown jewel of healthy ingredients, giving its golden touch to everything from lattes, breakfast dishes, and even fried rice. And Pamela Wiznitzer, one of America’s Top Female Mixologists likes to incorporate it into her cocktails, too.

Her current fave: a pineapple mezcal drink with a hint of lime juice. "As for flavor, it’s even more delicious than it looks and wildly refreshing with an elevated smoky flavor," says recipe developer and Well+Good video producer Ella Dove, who captured the recipe on film in the video below.

Working with the pineapple can be a challenge, so make sure you follow this quick tip: "Scooping out the inside can be a little tricky. Cutting the center out in quarters definitely helps, but don't worry about getting a little messy, that just means you'll have extra juice in your cocktail," says Dove. Want to whip it up? Keep reading for the recipe and to see how it's done.

Pineapple Mezcal Turmeric Cocktail

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Recipe Notes

If you're looking for more delicious ways to get your turmeric, try these golden milk ice-cream sandwiches or this spicy turmeric lemonade.

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