8 Sex Toys for Couples To Insert Some Fresh Buzz Into Your Relationship

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One is said to be the loneliest number, but if you've been quarantined with your partner for what feels like the past zillion months, you probably know all too well that two can get pretty overplayed as well. Perhaps you've been playing sexual gymnastics since March, exploring a number of positions that would make The Kama Sutra itself give you a standing ovation if it could. But even still, you can definitely hit an erotic lull. If this is true for you, though, worry not. It might just be time to explore sex toys for couples, which is a socially-distanced way to add an electrifying third party into your relationship. (Or fourth, or fifth, or sixth party—the limit doesn't exist in this kind of quarantine sex pod.)

But, a quick note before we dive in: Sharing sex toys with multiple partners can open folks up to risk of transmission of certain STIs. So, make sure you're cleaning your products appropriately, especially if your sex-toy play includes new and/or multiple partners (who have ideally been tested).

Once everyone involved feels safe and educated, it's time to play. And, to be sure, the following versatile sex toys can be used for all sorts of sensual unions—even those who are stuck in a pandemic-era LDR can enjoy some delightful sex toys for couples that'll keep everyone involved feeling connected.

8 sex toys for couples that'll shake up your quarantine routine.

1. Svakom Emma Neo Interactive Wand, $129

Shop Now: Emma Neo Interactive Wand, $129

This warming sex toy has everything, including a cap with ears (love me a bunny-themed vibrator that falls out of the typical rabbit category). Aside from the usual wand-vibrator experience, you can use this as a breast stimulator, under your jaw for hyped up oral, and, as one website put it, for cupping scrotums. I don't have any scrotums in my life, currently, but I'd venture to say you'll get your money's worth without any. Those in long-distance situations may enjoy this toy because it is both app-controlled and can connect to webcams.

2. Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo, $137

Shop Now: Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo, $137

Though this toy looks like it has two arms for hugging, the device is ready to make any penetration tool super-tingly. It's billed as a "guybrator," and while I can't eye-roll harder at that needless gendering, it remains a great sex toy for couples. Plus, it definitely doesn't require a penis in order to enjoy—a strap on will work just fine! Whether Pulse Duo fits over a penis or a shaft, it can be used in partnered play to provide for face-to-face intimacy, plus good vibes, minus the in-and-out work of penetration.

3. Lelo Hula Beads, $189

Shop Now: Lelo HULA Beads, $189

The Hula is packed with pleasure beads that rotate while inside the vagina. So, when you're looking for an alternative to oral or vibrators, this could fit the bill. As a bonus, you can use the toy to work on your kegels.

4. Perfect Fit Play Zone Cock Ring Set, $37

Shop Now: Perfect Fit Play Zone Cock Ring Set, $37

The fact that this selection looks like something you'd find in a baby's nursery isn't lost on me, but rest assured it's a very adult toy. These multi-sized cock rings are great for vulva-owners who are either looking for different tightness settings, or simply wants to keep their options open when it comes to different girths for penetrative play. Some days you want a 12, some days you want 17, and no matter what, there's no wrong choice.

5. Unbound Shimmy, $69

Shop Now: Unbound Shimmy, $69

For the anal-play-loving couple, this plug is the perfect pick. It has an easy-to-grip ring, so you can really get it dancing around in there. On an aesthetic note, it very much resembles the Prince symbol, and nothing screams "sex" louder than that.

6. We-Vibe Chorus, $199

Shop Now: We-Vibe Chorus, $199

While nearly every member of We-Vibe toy family is a valid pick for sex toys for couples, the Chorus is the most recent addition. Vulva-owners can wear this during penetration to get some serious clitoral stimulation going, but, TBH, this also works really well by its lonesome. The Chorus can be an unexpected pleasant addition to manual masturbation. Since it's app-controlled, it can really dial up your phone-sex game with a partner.

7. Dame Fin, $85

Show Now: Dame Fin, $85

Fin is a no-frills, easy-to-slip-on finger vibrator that still puts Dame's quality power vibes into a small package. While it's not going to be doing The Most like some of these other toys, I dig it because it's not intimidating. Many products on the list are pretty specifically sex toys for couples, but I consider Fin to be more of a casual-dating toy; you can throw this into your handbag for you next sex appointment and work up from there.

8. Enby, $74

Show Now: Enby, $74

Enby is flexible... in more ways than one. Created by Wild Flower, it's a gender neutral sex toy that will conform and bring some serious oh-my-GOD waves to whatever erogenous zones you're packing. Ridged and rippled in design, Enby can electrify you in a harness, as an addition to dry humping, bent around certain appendages, etc. You might just have to dedicate an entire day to learning all the ways you can get your groove on with this pick.

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