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This Strawberry-Kiwi Cauliflower Smoothie Is Summer in a Cup

During the dog days of summer, the ultimate cool-down strategy is sipping a refreshing smoothie (duh). But if you can't remember the last time you whipped one up at home, here's a fruit-and-veggie combo that’ll convince you to dust off your high-powered blender, stat.

Toss in whatever seasonal fruits you have on hand (peaches, cherries, and berries also work well), and add frozen chunks of cauliflower to make it eat-with-a-spoon thick—plus get a bunch of vitamins and fiber. The finishing touch? HMR Weight Management’s 120 Vanilla Shake for a creamsicle-style protein boost.

"The protein not only works to properly nourish you, but also contributes to satiety," says HMR dietitian Stephanie Ketcham, MS, RD. "When you fuel your body properly, it’s amazing how satisfied you can feel."

"When you fuel your body properly, it’s amazing how satisfied you can feel."

As an HMR expert, she would know. HMR's nutritionally crafted meal plans are designed to lead you toward better choices (and a healthier BMI) with ready-to-eat meals, nutritious shakes, and access to a support squad of health coaches. "We are serious about improving people’s lives through weight loss and healthy, long-term behavior change," says Ketcham. "Our members' success is our main focus, and everything we ask them to do on the program is designed to help them achieve the best possible results."

It's totally made for your summer food goals, too, since you can chow down on all of the fresh, seasonal fruits and veggies you want. "Many of our members learn to enjoy eating a variety of produce regularly, which not only supports successful weight management, but makes it easier to keep this healthy behavior in place for the long-term," Ketcham says. It's your ticket to eating clean—without the midday hangryness.

Strawberry-kiwi cauliflower smoothie

  • Prep Time
    5 minutes
  • Cook Time
    0 minutes
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Recipe Notes

You can swap ingredients for any frozen fruit or veggies.

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