These Are the Best Supplements to Take at Every Age

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The oldest people in the world credit a diet of vitamin-rich whole foods—like leafy greens and sweet potatoes—for their triple-digit lifespans. But even the most well-meaning health obsessives can have a hard time getting all the goodies they need for a healthy gut, brain, heart, and more from just the food they eat (that superfood smoothie will only get you so far). The solution? A supplement regimen.

Holistic nutritionist Elissa Goodman says you should switch up your vitamin and supplement routine with every candle you add to your cake in order to account for the different health challenges and stressors that come your way.

Keep reading for Goodman's vitamin recs for your 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s.

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Your 20s

You're 20s are all about trying to find balance. “Final exams, internships, late nights, and a full social calendar all make it a little tricky to get your nutrients in,” says Goodman. So she recommends taking a multivitamin or supplementing your diet with vitamins K and D. Your bones will be thank you later for the extra help absorbing calcium.

Goodman also says you should load up your a.m. smoothies (and salads!) with spirulina. “Iron deficiencies are prevalent among women in their 20s, and two teaspoons of spirulina daily will provide more than half of your daily amount.” she explains.

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Your 30s

Two words are key to maintaining your health in your 30s: self care. You should practice it in every aspect of your life, but pay special attention when it comes to stress. “When you’re burning the candle at both ends, adrenal imbalance is common,” Goodman explains. She recommends taking Gaia Herbs’ adrenal support blend to keep your body strong. “This blend helps your body maintain a healthy response to stress, contributing to overall well-being.” Vitamin C and B complex will also help boost your metabolism, immune system, mood, and skin's radiance.

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Your 40s

If you lost your path to wellness somewhere along the way (it happens), your 40s are the time to get back on track and fully commit. Protect your brain with Omega-3 supplements and take digestive enzymes to help with a naturally slowing digestive system.

Goodman is also a fan of milk thistle. “This antioxidant and anti-inflammatory [herb] supports liver function and metabolism and promotes healthy cholesterol levels—all very important in your 40s,” she says.

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Your 50s

If leading boss ladies in their 50s like Michelle Obama and  have taught us anything, it's that this stage of life is for reaping the benefits of decades past. It's also time to start focusing on brain and heart health. Magnesium L-threonate will help with cognitive function while CoQ10 will fuel your heart. If it isn't already a staple in your kitchen, adding anti-inflammatory turmeric to your diet will be essential.

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