Let’s face it: You don’t always have time to make it to the studio for an hourlong sweat sesh (or to style an Instagram-worthy athleisure look, for that matter). Enter the ultimate workout-life hack: our double-header video series with Athleta, Sweat Series and Locker Room Look Book.

Get your workout done in under five minutes with our quickie Sweat Series videos (in which buzzy instructors team up with their IRL workout buddies), then score these empowering fitness mavens’ style tips. It’s a recipe for major girl-power vibes—and leggings-clad domination.

  1. The Secret to Looking Put Together, No Matter How Early Your Workout Is

  2. Feel the Burn in Just 3 Minutes With This Full-Body Sculpting Circuit

  3. This 5-Minute Arms and Abs Routine Will Be Your Go-to Workout This Season

  4. The Only Arm-Sculpting Moves You Need This Summer

  5. How Two NYC Cool Girls *Actually* Style Their Activewear

  6. You Can Do This Leg-Toning Slider Workout Anywhere

  7. This 5-Minute Yoga Flow Strengthens Your Core and Your Confidence

  8. Anna Victoria Created a 5-Minute Workout Just for You

  9. Work It Out With This 6-Minute Super-Charged Power Yoga With Bethany Lyons

  10. This 5-Minute Boxing Reset From Ashley Guarrasi Works Out Body and Mind

  11. 5-Minute Mood-Booster Workout With Patricia Moreno of Intensati

  12. Feel the 5-Minute Full Body Burn With Fhitting Room's Emily Cook Harris