This Tattoo Pain Chart Uses a Scale of ‘0 to Pass Out’—Is It Really Gonna Hurt to Get Inked?

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If you're looking to express yourself, you can do it through your activewear collection, your Instagram feed, or by rocking temporary tattoos that smell like essential oils. But if you've got the urge to do something a little more permanent, you'll want to consult a tattoo pain chart before booking that appointment. Unfortunately, tattoos involve needles, and needles don't exactly tickle.

Certain parts of your body are much more sensitive to pain than others. But where does it hurt the most to get inked? The aptly named website uses a color-coded tattoo pain chart, ranging from "irritation" to "pass out," to advise the tattoo-curious. According to the diagram, getting a tattoo on the upper arm, forearm, calf, or thigh is generally considered tolerable, but it's going to hurt like hell if you choose a sick design for the back of the knee, underarm, nipples, rib cage, or groin.

tattoo pain chart
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If you're thinking about ink, you'll definitely want to reference this tattoo pain chart first, but remember that it's not just where you decide to get a tattoo but when. If you schedule an appointment during your period, prepare yourself. Your body is more sensitive to pain throughout your cycle, and that could leave you wishing you'd waited a week.

No matter when you go, tattoo newbies might just want to stick to something small in the yellow regions. Then later, if you dare, you can make the move up the pain scale.

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