This Cult-Fave Brand Now Lets You Shop According to Your Zodiac Sign

For the uninitiated, Vetements is essentially what happens when athleisure, comfort, and cult-favorite counterculture get the high-fashion treatment. The brand has been a street-style favorite for years and has recently hit the mainstream big-time thanks to seemingly absurd yet still highly wearable items—think a (controversial) DHL T-shirt or a Titanic sweatshirt that Celine Dion herself wore. The latest hype-worthy release from the company is a line of zodiac T-shirts and raincoats.

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Whether you're very dedicated to your sign or are just trying to give the people around you insight into your astrological essence, this merch spells out your zodiac's traits and important talking points. Example: "Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac. Capricorn is a sign that represents time and responsibility. People born under this sign are good at taking responsibility and are strong managers." *Insert hair-flick emoji here.*

It's worth noting that the duds do skew pricey at $350 for the T-shirt and raincoat alike, but can you really put a value on letting your clothes actually speak for you? (In this case, yes, you can: $350.)

Between this collection, J.Crew's recent horoscope capsule, and the many astrological accessories available for purchase, you can be totally decked out in high-fashion zodiac-wear all year long.

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