No Pony, No Problem: Hit the Gym With These Cute Workout Hairstyles for Short Hair

Photo: Getty Images/Bernardbodo
Having short hair makes life easier in any number of ways. It cuts down on the time it takes to get ready in the morning and saves money on hair products. Split ends are hardly a problem. But since you can't pull back shorter hairstyles into a ponytail, keeping it out of your face during sweaty HIIT session requires a little creativity.

Thousands of hairstyle tutorials exist on YouTube for long-haired ladies who like to go to the gym, but it's slim pickins for anyone with short hair. Luckily, there's only one you really need. Chloé Brown has a video with 10 styles you can rock at the gym without looking like a goof. In the tutorial, Brown shares ideas that take a few seconds (securing a half-up topknot) as well as more complicated styles (creating a front braid and securing everything in place with bobby pins).

If your hair is still too short for some of these styles, follow Kate Hudson's lead and work in a product like this matte pomade from Ouai paired with a little hairspray. You also can't go wrong with a thick cloth headband. Now, get that hair off your face and get to work!

This one-minute trick can take post-workout hair from sweaty to ready. Or, here's a hint that hair loss might be attached to stress.

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