Forget Bands: Cannabis-Themed Party Houses Are Taking Over Coachella This Year

Photo: Stocksnap/Trinity Kubassek
Music festivals and marijuana have been illicitly hooking up forever, but they're finally making their relationship way more public. (Perhaps emboldened by weed's growing wellness world cred?)

During the first weekend of the upcoming Coachella fest (kicking off April 14)—when pretty much every major brand throws some kind of invite-only event in the California desert—a growing number of cannabis companies are prepping to get involved.

At some buzzy parties, guests will be able to score organic bud as easily as they can get a beer—like at Galore's bash, which will feature a bar sponsored by cannabis brand Humboldt Brothers and Snoop Dogg's digital media destination Merry Jane.

“The cannabis-focused parties and events at Coachella represent a general shift away from alcohol and towards a more herbal lifestyle."

And then there are the events that'll take it a step further, with every detail reflecting the high life. For instance, medical marijuana directory Weedmaps will be taking over a 2.3 acre desert estate for the entire weekend, with an itinerary that's set to include wake-and-bake brunches, beauty treatments, live music, and a women's wellness activation being hosted by the Cannabis Feminist community and Miss Grass, a soon-to-launch editorial and e-commerce site for women who love weed. (Kendall and Kylie showed up to Weedmaps' inaugural throw-down last year, so you know it's gonna be a smokin' hot ticket.)

Like most off-site events during Coachella, these parties aren't affiliated with the festival itself, and revelers will likely need medical marijuana clearance to fully partake in the fun. But while California is still at least a year away from fully legalizing weed, Cannabis Feminist founder Jessica Assaf predicts reefer-centric fêtes will quickly become a commonplace—and, some may argue, healthier—alternative to the dozens of festival bashes sponsored by booze brands each year.

"Cannabis culture is exploding with new experiences based on our love for the plant,” she says. “The cannabis-focused parties and events at Coachella represent a general shift away from alcohol and towards a more herbal lifestyle. It's exciting. "

Clearly, temperatures won’t be the only thing blazing in Indio this April.

Cannabis doesn't just make for a chill festival experience—it can also improve your love life, your workouts, and your dinner parties

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