These 3 Celeb-Owned Homecare Brands Will Make Your Spring Cleaning Routine *Way* Less of a Chore

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The spring clean is upon us again, and this year, if you’d rather grab a nicely scented counter spray than a nose-burning bleach, celebrities have your back. A growing number of celebrity-backed cleaning brands from big names like Courteney Cox and Kris Jenner offer homecare products that make tidying up a sensorial experience (and way less of a chore.)

These products has a few aims. For starters, each of them is concerned with cleaning using non-toxic materials. Substances like bleach, ammonia, triclosan, chlorine, and VOCs have all been linked to poor health outcomes, and while stripping your house of them completely can be tough, non-toxic living expert Sophia Ruan Gushée says that by replacing products that we use daily with healthier options, we can better health outcomes. "Detoxing your home is not about being perfect. It's about taking steps toward minimizing your exposure to substances that can potentially affect your health,” she previously told Well+Good.

Next up? The scents. Gone are the days of the medicinal-smelling lemon stuff. The scents at the heart of the celeb-backed lines are more akin to expensive perfume than to stuff you’d associate with cleaning your pots and pans. Jenner’s line Safely describes delivering its fragrances as adding “little joys” to your day through its scents.

And to round things out, each of the brands is also focused on its environment in one way or another to help you ditch plastic and find more sustainable ways to clean. Surprise, surprise—toxic, non-biodegradable chemicals aren't good for nature. These cleaning products take more eco-friendly approach to cleaning, from product to packaging.

Ready to dive into each of the lines? Here’s what to know and our favorite products to shop.


Launched in 2022, Cox’s Homecourt is a fragrance-first line of cleaning essentials, including handwash, dish soap, surface cleaner, and room deodorant founded by Monica Geller herself. The line has four core fragrances to appeal to every nose—Cece (Cox’s signature), Cipres Mint, Steeped Rose, and Neroli Leaf—plus rotating, seasonal fragrances.

As for the ingredients, the brand uses, "sustainable, plant-derived, and upcycled ingredients across our collection." It has a long list of chemicals and other sketchy ingredients it avoids (which you can read, here) and swaps virgin plastic packaging for recycled PET and other upcycled post-consumer materials. Just this year, Homecourt also aunched refillable dish soap, hand soap, and surface cleaner, so that once you have the sleek black containers, you can order just the juice and fill up your bottles without needing to have new containers every single time.

Shop these favorites:

homecourt steeped rose dish soap, celebrity cleaning brands
Homecourt, Steeped Rose Dish Soap — $26.00

Key ingredients: Plant-derived surfactants, glycerin

Give your dishes a bubble bath with this pretty dish soap that literally smells like a bouquet of roses. It swaps traditional surfactants (the things that make bubbles) for plant-derived ingredients and adds a burst of glycerin to hydrate your skin.

Size: 16 oz.

homecourt surface cleaner, celebrity cleaning brands
Homecourt, Cipres Mint Surface Cleaner — $22.00

Key ingredients: Coconut-derived degreaser, cypress oil

Clean your countertops and leave them smelling fresh and clean with this minty spray It’s safe on all types of surfaces, including granite, stainless steel, wood, and stone. And if you forget to put it away when you’re done, you won’t mind the way it looks on your countertop.

Size: 16 oz.


homecourt cece room deodorant, celebrity cleaning brands
Homecourt, Cece Room Deodorant — $45.00

Key ingredients: Charcoal, yeast ferment, fine fragrance

Move over, room spray. Room deodorant is here, and it smells as good as real deodorant. It neutralizes odors *and* leaves your space smelling like a luxury fragrance store—what more could you want?

Size: 3.4 oz.


A joint venture between Kris Jenner and Emma Grede, Safely aims to be gentle on hands while still tackling the biggest messes around the house. The duo has kept fragrance at the heart of the line. To date there are six scents—Rise, Calm, Bright, Bloom, Fresh, and Sunrise. The line spans laundry, dishes, surfaces, and home fragrance, giving you an option for whatever mess you have on your hands.

Impressively, Safely is also Green Seal Certified, a Certified B Corp and has lofty goals to utilize 100% post-consumer recycled plastic by 2025 and to source all of its plastics from ocean plastics by the end of the decade. As with the other Kardashian-stamped products (looking at you, SKIMS), the products sell out f-a-s-t so make sure to snag them when they’re in stock.

Shop these favorites:

Safely, Everyday Laundry Detergent — $14.00

Key ingredients: Coconut-oil-derived surfactants, plant-based surfactants, natural enzymes

Turn laundry day into a spa-like experience with this plant-based detergent. The pH-balanced formula is designed with sensitive skin in mind, while the natural ingredients are crafted to be gentle (yet effective) on clothes. And it smells amazing.

Size: 22 oz.

safely hand soap, celebrity cleaning brands
Safely, Bright Hands Soap — $13.00

Key ingredients: Plant-based surfactants, minerals, and corn-derived alcohol

This all-natural hand soap might be the last one you’ll ever need. It tackles grease, dirt, food (we don’t judge!), and more, all without stripping your skin or leaving it dry.

Size: 16 oz.

Grove Collaboration x Drew

Drew Barrymore is best known for her home line Beautiful, which you can find at Walmart, but last year she also teamed up with the sustainability juggernaut Grove Collective as the Global Brand Sustainability Advocate to put her stamp of approval on a number of the brands environmentally friendly products.

Grove Collective aims to rethink how we shop for cleaning supplies. The environmental impact of shipping heavy, water-laden containers of detergents and liquids around the globe takes a big toll. Instead, Grove has cleaning concentrates that you add to distilled water to make your own cleaning solutions at home; and the dryer balls keep plastics out of the equation of doing your laundry.

Shop these favorites:

grove collaborative wool dryer balls, celebrity cleaning brands
Grove Collaborative, Wool Dryer Balls (3-Pack) — $15.00

Set of 3

These wool dryer balls are eco-friendly and efficient. Not only do they replace wasteful dryer sheets, they shorten drying time *and* energy usage. Plus, they last up for 1,000 loads, which is basically forever.

grove co multipurpose cleaner starter set, celebrity cleaning brands
Grove Collaborative, Multi-Purpose Cleaner Starter Set — $16.00

Key ingredients: Plant-derived surfactant

Getting an eco-friendly clean is as simple with this set. Just pour the cleaning concentrate into the bottle, add water, and shake—you’ll be getting your home clean in no time.

Size: Not specified

grove co laundry sheets, celebrity cleaning brands
Grove Collaborative, Laundry Detergent Sheets — $9.00

Key ingredients: Sunflower seed oil

These detergent sheets replace your traditional liquid detergent (and the plastic that comes with it.) There are no harmful chemicals, dyes, or additives. Pop one in your wash and voila—your laundry is squeaky clean.

Size: 32 loads

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