30+ Skin Care, Hair, and Beauty Products You Should Always Buy at Costco

Photo: Getty Images/ShotShare
After a quick trip to Sephora or Ulta to buy "one thing," I often leave with a bag full of products and totally shattered budget. Oops. But there are definitely ways to score deals on the products you stock up on time and time again. Just fill up your cart with Costco skin care products.

Costco is mostly known as a place to buy food in bulk. (Have you seen all the healthy options on those massive shelves?) But the store has revamped its beauty offerings in recent years with an impressive range of luxe finds for less. Costco carries big hitters like La Mer and all-natural brands like NuReveal Organics. To make sure you're saving a chunk of your paycheck instead of just dropping it all on prestige beauty (no judgements here!), shop some of these top finds.

Best Beauty Products at Costco

Aside from a wide selection of Costco skin care products, you can also score other great finds at the store—like a three-pound bag of organic cauliflower tots (yes, really) and some of the comfiest $17 yoga pants you'll ever wear.

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