The Numerological Significance of the Date 1/1—And Other Dates With Repeating Numbers

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Even for folks who aren’t inclined toward spirituality, choosing a date for an important event can feel like testing fate. Natural instincts might move you to pick the anniversary of something special or a birthday or a date with a favorite number in it, for example—and, perhaps more pressingly, to steer clear of a date that reminds you of anything negative or triggering (March 13, 2020, anyone?). But in any case, dates with repeating numbers in them tend to stand out. And according to numerology, that’s because these patterns hold spiritual significance.

As repeating numbers often pop up in ways that seem to transcend coincidence, they’re called angel numbers in numerology. Generally, they’re thought to deliver a message from the universe related to a certain energy or frequency tied to each repeating number, whether it’s a simple series (like 111 or 222) or one of the lesser-known angel numbers that carries intrinsic or historical value.

“These repeating numbers can act as a guide book and a gentle invitation in our lives.” —Jasmine Wolfe, numerologist

If you apply that same concept of numerical significance to dates with repeating numbers, like 1/1 or 1/11, a particular meaning emerges there, too, according to numerologist Jasmine Wolfe. “Used as a spiritual tool, these repeating numbers can act as a guide book and a gentle invitation in our lives,” she says. Below, she shares the specific numerological meaning behind each date with repeating numbers and offers key insights on how to navigate them accordingly.

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  • Jasmine Wolfe, California-based numerologist, astrologer, and tarot reader

Here are the meanings of dates with repeating numbers, according to a numerologist:


As this date always begins a new calendar year, you won’t be surprised to learn it’s essentially synonymous with new beginnings. “One is the number of fresh starts and possibilities,” says Wolfe. Setting intentions or goals would be one way to harness that energy, though Wolfe suggests dedicating at least part of the day to restorative me-time: “One is also the number of the self, so don’t be afraid to put yourself first on this day.”


Given that the number one carries with it strong initiation vibes, you can consider this day as an even more potent version of 1/1. “We can expect to learn an important lesson about the path of our life, and perhaps get a preview of the larger lessons we’re going to learn in the year ahead,” says Wolfe. Approaching this day with a sense of openness and honesty can put you, mentally, in a space where you’re set up well to receive those signs of new things on the horizon.


The number two signals a relationship between one person and another—the collision of two ones, if you will. As a result, this day is all about partnerships, says Wolfe. Specifically, you could become aware of a change you need to make in your relational habits, as sensitivity, empathy, and intuition may be more pronounced on this day, she adds: “It’s good to sit back and take stock of any feelings that surface.”


Multiple pairs of twos put together may be a signal of a collaborative or community effort, or, perhaps, the necessity of one. “This is likely to be a big day for politics and society,” says Wolfe. “It’s a number about building and creating things, and a number of foundations.” In that vein, it’s possible that a political movement or happening on this day will lay the groundwork for larger-scale societal shifts to come.


The number three circles back to the self in terms of how we communicate our true persona and identity to others. As a date, the repeating threes channel that self-expressive energy into all things creative and social, says Wolfe. “A good use of this energy is to tap into your creative hobbies, like drawing, painting, gardening, cooking and baking, makeup, or whatever else fills that artistic or aesthetic space for you,” she says.


Like the significance of the fourth astrological house, the numerological meaning of four is closely linked with family, roots, and security. Consider the fours as repeating numbers in a date, and it’s essentially turning our collective attention toward home, whether that’s a place, a feeling, or both. “Spending time with family and loved ones, paying bills, or focusing on your mental and emotional health are all good ways to honor the energy of this day,” says Wolfe.


Take special note: Wolfe marks this day as a harbinger of change. Like numerology’s wildcard, so to speak, the number five is about freedom, upheaval, and adventure, and repeating fives could bring shifts big or small. “Just remember that seemingly small changes can have much larger ripple effects,” Wolfe says.


Cue astrology once more for the number six: Like the sixth astrological house, the numerological meaning of the number six relates to physical and emotional health, and the daily habits you might take to support (or work against) it. As a result, multiple sixes in a date isn’t so much something to fear (hey, we’re not talking 666 here) as it is a signal to care for yourself. “This might be a day to make a doctor’s appointment or even simply to take a rest day in order to avoid burnout,” says Wolfe.


As its lucky reputation might loosely imply, the number seven has a fated numerological meaning closely wrapped up with personal truth, intuition, and the inner psyche. To embody this energy, it might be wise to spend 7/7 in quiet contemplation, says Wolfe. “Seven is the number of seeking truth and answers, but often the answers we are seeking are buried inside of us,” she says. “If you busy yourself with surface-level tasks or distractions, you might miss out on something miraculous.”


While you might have understandably been tempted to do some intention-setting on 1/1, Wolfe says 8/8 can be just as powerful a day for such an activity—if not more so. “From a numerological standpoint, the number eight is the number of energy and manifestation, so this is the most potent day of the year to set your sights on something new,” says Wolfe. To lean in, consider setting a goal that you feel confident you can bring to fruition in the next 12 months.


There’s an out-with-the-old, in-with-the-new vibe to the number nine in numerology. According to Wolfe, that makes 9/9 an apt day for some doors to close and others to open in our lives. From the perspective of endings, it’s worth considering, in particular, what you might need to wrap up, put a pin in, or let go of in order to step more confidently into the next chapter of your story.


As the only singular date where the same digit is repeated four times in a row, 11/11 holds its own kind of significance. “It’s also the only day of the year where we see a master number repeated twice,” says Wolfe, referring to the numbers 11, 22, and 33, which pack extra power and potential when they appear in a person’s numerology chart (just take Jennifer Aniston, as an example).

In the case of the date 11/11, specifically, there’s a fated or destined vibe to it, almost like an eclipse in astrology, where the universe seems to take the wheel. “This is a day when it’s better to be open to receiving what comes your way than to be active in setting an intention yourself,” says Wolfe. “Because the number 11 has to do with our greater path and purpose in life, a new aspect of it may be revealed to us on this day.”

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