This ACV-Spiked Drink Keeps a Peloton Master Trainer Energized All Day

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As someone who works out regularly, I try my best to be a good healthy person and hydrate properly. So I'm constantly lugging my trusty water bottle around and refilling it (and consequentially, peeing) like it's my job.

But I'm also a human—which means that I sometimes get sick of plain ol' water. I keep things like berry-flavored collagen tablets, flavored electrolyte powder, and adaptogen drops on my desk to spike my H2O so that it's more entertaining for my taste buds. And then I stumbled upon the ultimate wellness elixir to step up my water game, all courtesy of a superstar fitness trainer. No surprises here, but it contains the inflammation-busting goddess ingredient that is apple cider vinegar.

Robin Arzon, vice president and head instructor at Peloton, recently posted on her Instagram story her (formerly) secret recipe for staying hydrated and energized during long days of teaching classes. It involves water, lemon, sea salt, and ACV. "This helps hydrate you, restore your pH balance, and boosts energy," she raves in her post. Her pro tip: "Make sure to use enough water to dilute the lemon and ACV because it can erode tooth enamel if not."

Nutritionist and NOW spokesperson Dawn Jackson Blatner  is a fan of the recipe, noting that it would make a good pre-workout drink. "Water is a great hydrator, salt is an electrolyte, which is something we lose in sweat, lemon is refreshing and has vitamin C, and apple cider vinegar can help prevent cramps," she says. "At the end of the day, though, even just plain water is always a good option." But of course.

Keep scrolling for Arzon's "H2O cocktail recipe," below:

1. Large glass of filtered water (room temperature or warm for best absorption)
2. A quarter lemon
3. A dash of sea salt
4. A splash of apple cider vinegar—no more than a spoonful
5. Drink up and enjoy!

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