How to Make a Next-Level Golden Mint Smoothie Bowl

golden mint smoothie bowl
Photo: Alison Wu
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10 minutes

If your smoothie bowl game could use an upgrade, look no further than this "golden mint" recipe from health blogger and master smoothie creator Alison Wu. Banana, zucchini, fresh mint, raw cashews, ginger, and nut milk form the mint-y base before being drizzled with your favorite nut butter. And that cool, blue hue? You guessed it—the source is blue majik, the latest darling of the superfood world.

So how exactly do you create the 'gram-worthy design? “Using a chopstick or skewer to make the nut butter swirl is key,” says Wu. “And it’s best if you’re working with a runny nut butter as opposed to something super creamy.” Her fave: Ground Up’s Chunky Almond, Cashew, and Coconut Nut Butter.

Wu notes that her inspiration for this bowl came from the gorgeous colors of edible violas in her garden. “From there, I wanted to bring in some warm tones with the swirl of nut butter to make it extra golden.” Ready to try it for yourself (and get alll the “likes”)? Scroll down for the recipe.

Golden mint smoothie bowl

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  • Prep Time
    10 minutes
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