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56 new emojis are coming soon for the wellness-savvy set Pin It
Graphic: Abby Maker for Well+Good

Too busy Zen-ing out to meet your friends for happy hour? There’s an emoji for that. (Hello, meditating yogi.) In fact, there are a bunch more (56 to be exact) coming soon to a group text near you, according to Emojipedia, so get ready for your typing fingers to get a break—especially when you’re talking about wellness topics.

The ones most likely to pop up in your feed include an oh-so-chill woman in a steam room, a rock climber, and of course, an Ariel-like mermaid.

The ones most likely to pop up in your post-workout, pre-brunch feed include an oh-so-chill woman in a steam room, a rock climber, a woman breastfeeding, and of course, an Ariel-like mermaid. (So in emoji-speak, a mermaid emoji plus a steam room emoji means you’re taking a mermaid bath, right?) Additions in the food emoji supermarket include a head of broccoli, a coconut, and a yummy-looking dumpling.

It’s no surprise the new-emoji boom isn’t slowing down: According to a Fuse Marketing study, 64 percent of millennials communicate with emojis regularly, and Instagram reports that nearly 50 percent of all captions and comments on the social platform contain an emoji, according to USA Today.

Other noteworthy new releases include a woman in a headscarf (available in five different skin tones), a giraffe (finally!), and a “shushing face” (which precedes the meditating emoji perfectly)—and of course you can add them to the visual vocabulary you’ve already built. In other words: Avocado, crystals, and sage, you’ve got some competition.

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