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Photo: Stocksy/Jill Chen

Whether you stock up on your fave fruits and vegetables at the farmers’ market or grocery store, most people know that giving ’em a good wash before you eat them is generally recommended. But according to a new study, rinsing them in tap water isn’t the best way to go. Researchers conducted a test comparing tap water, baking soda, and a bleach solution—which is what many food companies use to prewash their produce—and baking soda did the best job of washing away pesticides.

“We have pretty good control of pesticide amount. That doesn’t ensure that there’s no risk at all. What we really can do is reduce the risk [by washing].”

Lilli He, a food scientist who spearheaded the study, tells CNN that her team found that what was most effective is washing fruits and veggies in water with two teaspoons of baking soda mixed in—it doesn’t take much to do the job!

“We have pretty good control of pesticide amount,” He tells CNN. “That doesn’t ensure that there’s no risk at all. What we really can do is reduce the risk [by washing].” So it turns out, just like ACV, some of the best wellness staples are the affordable, tried-and-true basics that have been used for decades.

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