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This is the healthy snack Mandy Moore swears by when she’s traveling

mandy moore healthy travel snack Pin It
Photo: Instagram/@mandymooremm

Chances are you’ve been in this travel scenario: You rush to catch your flight and wind up on the plane with zero healthy snacks and a pretty limited in-flight menu from which you can order.

Mandy Moore’s also been there. But, according to a recent Instagram story that she shared, the This Is Us star figured out just what to take with her on a flight—and it’s protein-packed and portable.

mandy moore healthy snack
Photo: Instagram/@mandymooremm

“After traveling all day and not eating a meal on the plane, this snack is [perfect],” Moore writes on Instagram. She’s talking about Epic’s maple glazed and smoked salmon bites. AKA: salmon jerky.

It’s a brilliant snack because not only is it deliciously flavored (hello, maple!) and gluten-free, it also packs seven grams of protein per serving and is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Moore’s such a fan that she’s sure to jokingly hashtag “not an ad” because, though it may sound like she’s their sponsor, the actress is simply a dedicated eater of the brand’s products.

Hey, if you copy her move, you’ll no longer have to resort to an in-flight snack. See ya later, stale pretzels.

These are other healthy snacks that wellness pros travel with. And, if all else fails, here are tips for eating healthy at the airport from the Tone It Up girls