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Graphic by Abby Maker for Well+Good

You’re never going to run out of delicious drinks to try this fall. Seriously.

The pumpkin-spice-everything trendy is still going full-force (have you gotten your PSL deodorant yet?), and Starbucks’ latest addition to its menu was made especially with au courant tea lovers in mind: The coffee chain just added its new Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea Latte to the menu.

The Teavana-based drink is made from sweet chai and pumpkin spice flavoring to give it that warm and cozy fall taste you can’t get enough of (but keep in mind that the 12-ounce tall size with nonfat milk contains 40 grams of sugar—which still weighs in below the brand’s Unicorn Frappuccino). While it’s still nice out, you can try it cold: The company also released a version that’s poured over ice (with 37 grams of sugar in the 12-ounce cup). Is this the best season ever or what?

The Teavana-based drink is made from sweet chai and pumpkin spice to give it that warm and cozy fall taste.

Pumpkin-flavored drinks aren’t the only things you should be sipping on this fall, though. (Which, crazily enough, is officially still two weeks away.) Anti-inflammatory tipples abound! Le Pain Quotidien stores have a new Golden Turmeric Latte, and, of course, matcha never gets old, no matter the season…Let’s just say you’ll be staying highly caffeinated as the leaves change this year.

Starbucks has a new bottled PSL—but just how healthy is it? If you’re more of a matcha gal, you can still give your favorite drink the pumpkin-spice treatment.