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Photo: Stocksy/Milles Studio

As if turmeric didn’t have enough talents on its résumé, it’s also a pro at soothing facial redness and inflammation—fast.

That’s why celebrity skin doc Nigma Talib turns to the buzzy root when her clients—think Kate Bosworth and Sienna Miller—have red-carpet moments on the horizon. Her anti-inflammatory weapons of choice: turmeric-infused ice cubes applied topically. Think of this genius trick as cryotherapy for the complexion. (It’s part of a larger two-week protocol that she shared with Well+Good.)

Of course, turmeric can stain the skin, so you shouldn’t try this right before a big-deal event. But when executed a few days in advance, Talib swears icing will clear up puffiness and irritation like a dream. Golden lattes, you’ve met your match.

Scroll down for this skin-saving turmeric ice cube recipe.

Get Started

Depuffing turmeric ice cube recipe
Graphic: Hannah Packer for Well+Good

Dr. Nigma Talib’s De-Puffing Turmeric Ice Cubes

Yields 1 tray of ice cubes

1/2 cucumber
3/4 cup aloe vera juice
1/4 cup water
1/2 tsp turmeric root

1. Place ingredients in a blender and combine until smooth.

2. Pour the turmeric mixture into an ice cube tray and freeze.

3. Once frozen, wrap all the ice cubes in a washcloth and massage them over your skin until they’re melted. Alternatively, ice the skin with one cube a day for maintenance.

Don’t put your blender away yet—this turmeric milkshake recipe will give you an extra dose of the anti-inflammatory spice. Want something warmer? Try Taryn Toomey’s turmeric detox tonic instead.