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Photo: Melanie Dunea

Workout trends come and go, but the tried-and-true routines stand the test of time because they, well, deliver.

Exhibit A: Tracy Anderson has been fiercely teaching her butt-sculpting workout since she first began her career—which started with none other than Jennifer Lopez. (Clearly, it’s helped Jenny from the block maintain a certain asset for all this time.)

All week long, you’ve been pulsing and lifting along with the dance cardio queen’s muscle-targeting workouts as part of Well+Good’s (Re)New Year challenge, but that doesn’t mean it’s time for rest. Instead, she’s going to give you a booty workout unlike anything you’ve ever done before.

Her secret? “Twisting and turning the body in so many rotations that your larger muscles fatigue—leaving the deeper, smaller, and typically forgotten areas of the butt to do the hard work,” she explains.

While it may not seem like your average, pain-in-the-butt workout—there are no squats in sight—Anderson promises it will seriously burn.

Her only reminder is to keep your foot relaxed, and instead focus on the placement of your knee and hips—that way you’ll hit the right angles—and reach those legs as high as you can. Try for 20 of each move with weights on—30 without.

Ready to feel that booty burn? Try out Tracy Anderson’s three-minute butt-sculpting workout below.

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Missed Day 3? Check out Tracy’s long-and-lean leg workout and catch up!

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